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With over 200,000 elevator panels produced LWI Elevator Panel Co. continues to be a leader in the industry. Our Cab Builder system makes ordering fast, easy and accurate. We also have an exclusive clip and template system that makes installation quick and easy for even the first time installer. Each cab has templates that are pre-drilled with mounting clips already in place allowing for quick and easy installation.

You need replacement wall panels for one cab, we'll make them. You need 500 cab panels per week, we'll make those too. You have a special configuration on a ceiling, we'll follow it. You need it fast and accurate, not a problem. No matter what you need LWI Elevator Panel Co. is your complete source for elevator panels. We believe that extra effort should be standard practice.

Production Flexibility

From the start we designed our product with one goal in mind, to be cost effective no matter how large or small the job. Our specialized equipment and state-of-the-art facility provides the capacity to deliver fast turn-arounds on all your orders regardless of size. To ensure quality and precise production, computer-aided design (CAD) and CNC equipment are used for all panel cutting, profiling, drilling and grooving. Our production flow is set up to lay-up, cut, edgeband, rout and drill independently allowing your panels to be shipped within weeks rather than months.

Elevator Panel Database

Our custom elevator panel database ensures a high level of accuracy by streaming information from one initial data entry. This single capture of information allows us to track your order from start to finish, communicate all specifications through all aspects of production, and eliminate communication breakdown. Simply put, not only do we deliver quickly, we deliver accurately, time and time again, no matter how simple or complex.

Economical, Quality, and Punctuality

At LWI Elevator Panel Co. we take great pride in product quality and consistency. Your order is created using the latest technologies, industry specific equipment, and what may be the most flexible elevator panel database and manufacturing system in the business. Great technology requires great people, and our quality begins and ends with our employees. Dedicated to a streamlined, efficient process of quality assurance, our experts deliver as specified and when promised, our manufacturing capabilities are truly unique to the industry.